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School Community Council

Rees Elementary has a School Community Council (SCC) that meets monthly to discuss school related issues and coordinate efforts to meet those needs. The council is made up of school employees (elected), parents (elected), and the principal. If you have questions, issues, or concerns you would like discussed, please contact a member of our SCC or call Adam Gull at the school (798-4055).

All meetings will be held at 11:45 A.M. in the Eagles Landing Room near the Rees office. The public is welcome to attend. Please e-mail Sasha Tew at to reserve a spot on the agenda.  Visitors are limited to 5 minutes of comments each.  

Trustlands Allocations 2018-2019: $61,110.79

2018-2019 Meeting Dates:
October 4th
October 26th
November 30th
December 11th
January 25th
February 22nd
March 29th
April 19th 

SCC Rules of Order:

Rees Elementary School Community Council Rules of Order


1.  Council members are expected to be in attendance at each meeting.  If circumstances do not permit attendance the council member will contact either the principal, council chairman, vice-chairman, or facilitator in advance of the meeting.

2.  Meetings will be held to one hour whenever possible.

3.  The facilitator will prepare an agenda for each meeting after consulting with the chairman and principal.

4.  The facilitator will post the meeting agenda and minutes from previous meeting on the school website one week in advance of the meeting.

5.  Each council member will be given opportunity to express ideas and opinions without fear of personal criticism.  Each member will treat every other member with respect and make an honest effort to understand other’s points of view.  The council will strive to reach consensus on decisions.

6.  All votes will be taken as a counted vote.

7.  Visitors will be allowed if approved by principal.  Visitors will be given a maximum of 5 minutes to present.