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2nd Grade September Students of the Month & Wings


Congratulations to the students of the month!  Each student was spotlighted for outstanding behavior and hard work in their classrooms.  Students pictured (in no particular order): Ella Mason, Kayleigh Musso, Shaiyne Olsen, Gavin Gull, Alleah Wood, Gracie Betts, Cole Thompson, Kyle Webb, Ayden Miller, Grant Copley and Rubi Espana.

Also pictured are second graders who have earned their WINGS and a bronze sticker was added to their pin.  They have worked so hard to pass off their addition fast facts!  Great job Eagles!



PTA Fun Run

Photos by Jen Horner

The annual PTA Fun Run was held on Friday, September 25, 2015 at Rees Elementary.  It was already Team Jersey day for the Red/Green Ribbon week and having a fun run was a great way to team up together to promote healthy habits.  Grades K-2 ran one lap around the neighborhood, grades 3-4 ran two laps and grades 5-6 ran three laps.  Each student received a medal or bracelet as they crossed the finished line.  Students who placed in the top three in each group, received a Gatorade and a new pair of socks!  Everyone was served apples, granola bars and water for a yummy snack. 

Red/Green Ribbon Week

Photos by Jen Horner

This week was Red and Green Ribbon Week.  The student council planned and organized each day to remind all of us to keep our bodies safe and healthy.

Monday:  Wear Red

Tuesday:  Crazy Hair Day (drugs and violence are a hairy mess)

Wednesday:  Superhero Shirt Day (be someone’s hero-stay away from drugs and violence)

Thursday: Pajama Day (don’t be asleep to the dangers of drugs and violence)

Friday: Team Jersey Day (team up against drugs and violence) 

*More pictures to come next week!



Fifth Grade State Fair

Written by class reporter: Roxie Simpson

Miss Ledingham's class had a State Fair.  Each student got to choose a state to study.  We made slide shows at school and projects at home.  We worked on these reports for about one month.  On the day of the State Fair everybody brought in such cool projects.  From posters and paintings to displays and models, everyone was creative in using what they had at home from sugar cubes and clay to Legos and lights.  Everyone had a BLAST!