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Heredity Studies in Fifth Grade

Mrs. Ledingham

Our fifth graders have just completed their science unit on heredity this last week.  As a culminating activity, a genetic scientist came to give the students a deeper understanding of DNA.  He shared some of the projects he has worked on, which has included genetically altering DNA to help find cures for medical conditions.  With Miss Ledingham as his assistant, he showed the students how they could extract DNA from a banana using household items.  Through the process the students were actually able to see the DNA from the banana without a microscope.  They had a blast and they are excited

Kindergarten Field Trip


On Wednesday, five classes of Kindergartners got together at Jolley's Ranch in Hobble Creek Canyon.  They went in search of an experience in nature.  They looked for fall changesand signs of animal life.  They went on a Nature Scavenger Hunt and looked, listened, felt, and smelled fall in the air.  They also got to make a fall leaf picture and make pine cone bird feeders.  They played an animal game and enjoyed the playground too.  kindergarten teachers would like to give a great big THANKS to all of the adults who went along to make sure things went smoothly!

Rees Families Show Determination and Generosity

Monday evening many ambitious Rees families congregated on the north side of the school to participate in the Carnival and Walk-a-thon.  This was a PTA Fundraiser where the students were pledged money for walking and walking and walking.....which they did.  Even after the time was up, there were still students and even preschoolers who did not want to quit!  It appeared that everyone had a great time bouncing, eating, walking, dunking, and being dunked.  Another article will tell of how much money was raised and how many miles were walked.  Thank you everyone for your support!