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Utah vs. BYU


Well….it’s been a week.  Take a look to see which teachers were happy about the outcome of the big game.


MMHS Football Visitors

Pictures by Carla Nixon and Jen Saxon

Maple Mountain High School football players visited Rees students.  Players read to students and had fun playing with them outside.  Thanks for coming!



Send your kid(s) out the door with their smiles because tomorrow, (Sept. 16) is picture day! 


Statue of Responsibility


Rees students were entertained with a visit from a couple of the members from the Harlem Globetrotters!  Peewee and Hollywood taught us about how to be responsible and why it’s important for us to have that characteristic.  Students were asked to give an example of how to be responsible.  Here are a few of their responses:

“Taking care of your Android or iPhone.”

“Doing your homework.”

And a favorite among teachers was: “Not yelling at your teacher.”