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We welcome you to Rees Elementary School's website and hope that you find it enjoyable and helpful. Rees has a history of excellence in education for over 100 years, and we are looking forward to many more successful years. We appreciate the partnerships we have with parents and community members as we work collectively to help all students learn. Thank you for visiting our website.

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Safe Walking Route Information 2016-2017 

 Parent Information Guide 2016-2017

Teacher Appreciation Week


The PTA made the teachers feel extra special each day.  On Monday, teachers were greeted with decorated classroom doors.  So creative!  Breakfast was served on Tuesday.  Wednesday was dedicated to students giving notes and gifts to their teachers.  A gift was given on Thursday, and on Friday, teachers were served lunch.  We appreciate the support from the PTA!  We know it’s hard work and they provide so many activities throughout the year for teachers and students.  Thank you so much!  We are lucky to have such a wonderful PTA!  (Not all doors are pictured, but they were all fantastic!)

Harward Farms Had A…


Sheep!  Tomato!  Bee!  That’s right.  Harward Farms had those and a whole bunch more!  It was Farm Field Days and the second graders visited the farm on Thursday.  We learned all about agriculture.  Students participated in several activities to help them understand how agriculture is part of our everyday lives.  They made a “living necklace”, learned about proper handwashing and the food groups, discovered Z.I.P (zinc, iron, protein) is in beef, learned about tractor safety and where the water we use in the valley comes from, what’s needed for plants grow, and even watched a sheep being sh

Ms. Dekker - 2nd Grade Teacher


This is my fifteenth year teaching. I have been at Rees since the new school was built.  I have taught first through third grades and second grade is my favorite.  I am the oldest of 8 kids and grew up in Anaheim, California.  I love being an aunt and spoiling my niece and nephews.  I love to dance, take pictures, watch movings, look at the sky, bake cookies, and laugh with my family.


I like burgundy, but I don’t like tan.

I like pizza, but I don’t like lima beans.