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All Quacked Up But keeping His Word


It was promised that if the school met their goal for raising more money for the American heart Association than they did last year, then Mr. Pitcher would put on a duck and strut ....or waddle during lunch.  As you can see, our devoted principal kept his word!  We are proud of him and the students and parents for working together to raise $7000 for a worthy cause!

Fourth Grade Adventures

April Smith's Class

We went to Heritage Park on May 11, 2015.  We went to the park and started by riding the train and seeing the buildings that they have there.  Then we went to the school and acted like we were back in the time of the pioneers.  The school was only one big room.  One of the main rules was that ladies always go first.  The girls had to curtsy and the boys had to bow and then say their names.  In the pioneer school, if you were being disobedient or rowdy, you would have to stand in the corner with your arms help up behind your back.  If you continued to be rowdy, you had to hold books, and the

Mother's Day picnic


The Kindergarten classes honored their Mothers/Grandmothers on Friday, by showering them with handmade gifts and a picnic time at school.  As you can see from the pictures, a good time was had by all!