School News

April Student of the Month Awards

The lower grades held their assembly for recognizing Students of the Month.  Pictured are those who received this prestigious award: 

Morning and OEK Kindergartens:  Alex Kennedy, Raeanna Branam, Ava Park, Halle Hawkins, Tilann Huelskamp, Olivia Keller, and Brendan Bliss (not shown). 

Afternoon Kindergarten: Easton Whittekiend, Claire Gordon, Carlee Gibson, Brady Thompson, Tyler Hurley, and Tristan Hunley.

What a Crack Up!

Kindergartners at Rees Elementary became scientists right before Spring Break.  They experimented with physics using Humpty Dumpty.  Families brainstormed ideas for what kind of coveringswould keep their Humpty (a boiled egg) safe from Mr. Pictcher's famed roof tossing.  Protective coverings were chosen, and Humpties were put inside and  brought to school.  Parents gathered to the Kindergarten testing grounds to watch.  Mr. Pitcher and Mr. Jimmy used their athletic skills to climb up on the roof to throw the eggs off.  They seemed to enjoy the assignment.

More Marching in March

Those receiving the award for Student of the Month in the upper grades for March were as follows:

4th Grade: Samantha Gutierrez, Olga Castillo, Jesus Hernandez, Kaden Renz, Emi Rocha, Haylee Searle, and Shaylee Penrod. 

5th Grade:  (Not shown Kistee Woodcox), Juliet Renteria, Skylar Jensen, Haiden Smith, Lauren Kelly, Savanna Gren, and Tanner Hurley. 

6th Grade:  (Not shown, Lexi Lamb), Sadie Moulton McKenzie Sorensen, Tessie Hamberlin, Paola Gomer, Jared Banuelos, Shala Christiansen, Tyra Grant, Nathan Wright, Luke Ashmore, and Chase Montrose. 

Students Work with Artists

Kindergarten through Second Grade Students got the privilege to work with very talented artists during the two weeks of Artists in Residency.  Students were given choices as to which art form to study.  The choices were 1) Poetry, bookmaking, and art with Polly Parkinson; 2) Creative Dance with Mariam Bowen and Chris Roberts; 3) Visual Arts with Vicki Gehring and Stacey Hall; 4) Music and Rhythm with Kathy Neff and Randy Tew.

Some of the older grade students chose to give up their lunch recess to also learn from the artists.

Family Arts Night

Rees families enjoyed a night with artist on Monday, March 25th.  The Artists in Residence teachers were there to show parents what their children had been and would be doing in the arts during their stay.  Adults and children enjoyed spending time with the artists: Polly Parkinson (poetry, bookmaking, and art), Mariam Bowen/ & Chris Roberts (Creative Dance), Vicki Gehring (Visual Arts), and Cathy Neff (Music and Rhythm).  As you can see in the pictures a GREAT time of learning together was had by all!

Students Marching Forward in March

The student recognition assembly for March gave praise to many children in each grade level.  Those working extra hard to achieve goals were given certificates and free movie passes, and many congratulations.  Smiling and proud students are pictured in each grade level from back to front, left to right:

Second Grade: Tashonna Bitsinnie, Isaac Todhunter, Libby Perry, Mason Jenkins, Oakley Heaps, Kaylee Knapton, and Kaitlyn Wyatt.

Shine On, Lower Grades!

The younger half of the Rees Elementary students also held an assembly to recognize extra shiny students. Students who have been making great progress through their efforts, who are kind and try their best were highlighted. These shining stars are listed below starting with Kindergarten from back row to front row in the order listed below:

Afternoon Kindergarten: Landon Garrett, Grady Harmer, Angeleena Medsker, Sabrina Geroli, Jared Valdez, Kiera Wall, peyton Przybycien, Eryn McCorristin, and Shayne Wagstaff.

February's Upper Grade Stars

More and more Stars keep showing up around Rees Elementary School. What kind of stars are these? Shining stars! Shining star students who shine at what they do. They are those who are kind, work hard, try their best and make noteworthy progress because of their efforts. Keep shining, Star Students!

These Stars have names. From 6th grade beginning from back row, left to right:

Shala Christiansen, Tell Barlow, Sadie Moulton, Tyra Grant, Adalberto Candia, Grace Jackson, Amy Minga, and Kadin Jenkins.