November 2013

Articles on the Arts

Bennett Gordon, Naomi Memmott, Briana Wright,

“Ohana” Arts Night by Bennett Gordon


This is Bennett Gordon reporting.  Last night was the family “Ohana,” Arts Night.  It was legit!!!  I’m glad I went to the arts night and I’m glad I have an awesome dad to take me to this event.  At the family arts night the hula teacher Timbre Casey did a cool hula dance for us.   Then we went to the classes. 

The Show Where You Don't Need a Ticket


Most shows require a ticket before you can attend.  Our Jump Rope Show was for those students who don't get tickets...bad behovior ticket, that is.  We got to watch and participate as students from Logan put on a show that amazed us.  We are so glad we got to go...because we didn't have tickets.


Emmie Park

Music by Emmie Park


I am reporting from the music class.  We are starting the ukulele.  It is very interesting that you need to use the tip of your fingernail to play.  It’s interesting that at the top of the ukulele you use your left hand fingers to do C, bb, and G7.  That’s the most important part for the tune to change. 

I Didn't know

Bennett Gordon

I Didn’t Know by Bennett Gordon

I didn’t know that Samoan men would use poi balls to strengthen their wrists for war.  Also I didn’t know that Samoan women used poi balls to strengthen their wrists for knitting and weaving.  I thought poi balls were used just for entertainment.  So next time you see a Samoan person with poi balls, remember that back in the day, it was to help the people prepare and strengthen.

Unusual Hula?

Naomi Memmott

Unusual Hula? by Naomi Memmott

         Some people might find Hula unusual.  But I’m sure that if Hawaiian people saw a teenage girl swinging on a wrecking ball they would have some thoughts themselves. I’d think we are the peculiar ones.  Let me fill you in on some of the stuff we do, including the moves we make and some of the basics we have learned so far in this awesome arts residency. 

Are the Arts Important?

Briana Wright

Are the Arts Important?  By Briana Wright

Some people say that in school you are supposed to just learn the usual things like reading, writing and math. They say students shouldn’t waste their time doing the arts, just focus on what you are going to be tested on.  

Acting is...

Shannon Vance

Acting is .   .   . by Shannon Vance

Acting is a way of telling a story with your body.  You must tell the story with feelings.  When you act you put yourself in the character’s shoes.  You act out what you would do if you were in their position. 

People in the islands like to express their feelings by songs, by dances and by their body actions.  They also believe in different things then us, such as idols, myths and even reincarnation.