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Mrs. Crandall Receives Crystal Apple Award!

Submitted by heidi.groneman on Mon, 11/25/2019 - 18:51
Tara Hunt and Sherri Kelly

This year is Mrs. Crandall's 26th year of teaching. She is the first to arrive at school, normally arriving before Mr. Burraston and Mr. Gull. Although she arrives early, she is still one of the last to leave each day as she meets with our team and we collaborate about the students and their needs.  During her early morning time, she works to create materials that ensure the learning of the students is enhanced and for the success of her team. She is not concerned about her class only, but she does what she can to help the entire 5th grade. She is continually seeking for ways to better help the students. One example of this is that she recently volunteered to be trained in the new Heggerty Phonemic Awareness program, adopted by our district, to help struggling readers in 5th grade. She values these new insights into student learning and has adapted her guided reading groups to includer her new interventions. Mrs. Crandall makes it a priority to build good relationships with parents and students by visiting each student's home before the school year starts. She also makes sure to communicate with the parents wehther it is a positive note or a concern. She goes the extra mile to help other teams at our school have success as well. One example of this, is that she frequently shares her personal reading library with others so they can have the best resources to promote student learning. Mrs. Crandall has not been the recipient of many public awards because of her quiet manner of serving others. Her fullfillment comes from seeing the growth and happiness of those around her, this includes all aspects of her students' and colleagues' lives. We are blessed to have Mrs. Crandall as our co-workers, sounding board, and friend.