May 2021

May Reading Carnival Fun!

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Rees students earned carnival tickets by doing their reading at home since January.  They had so much fun spending their tickets at our end of year reading carnival.  They played games, danced, entered drawings for prizes, bought new books, and even had the chance to go to a pizza party with Mr. Gull, a donut party with  Mr. Gappmayer, and/or a rootbeer float party with Mrs. Groneman.  Everyone had a blast and enjoyed spending their hard-earned tickets! Way to SOAR Eagles! Remember to keep reading EVERY day during the summer!

Bounce House Fun!

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This week students had a fantastic time playing on bounce houses.  This was a reward activity for those who had all their library books turned in and were caught up with their classroom work.  Students slid, jumped, climbed, bounced, and laughed with the kids in their grade! They all said it was so much fun! Faculty members even got to enjoy the fun after school was out. Keep SOARing to the end Eagles!


Rees Teachers

Rees Elementary Wellness Days

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Rees students had the opportunity to participate in our first ever wellness day.  Activities such as football bowling, lawn darts, soccer relays, baseball, jumprope and popsicles were enjoyed by all Rees students while their teachers relaxed for an hour during teacher appreciation week.  It was so great to see students being active and having fun while their teachers got a chance to kick back and relax for a while.  A HUGE thank you to Mr. Gappmayer, our school counselor, for arranging the fun activities! 

"Schooled" By The BEST!

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Rees students and faculty celebrated our AMAZING principal, Mr. Gull.  He is ABSOLUTELY THE BEST.  He is caring, hard working, funny, considerate, dedicated, and genuinely cares about all of his students and faculty. Rees students worked hard to make notes on fish to tell him thank you and to show their appreciation for all he does for our school. There were also many visits from students who came to the office to say thank you to him. Mr.