March 2023

March Madness Tournament for 5th Grade

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Mr. Cook, our school counselor, has organized a fun 3 on 3 basketball tournament for 5th grade students.  The last week and a half all of the teams are learning about sportsmanship and competing to play in the championship game.  The students are having a great time and showing that they know how to be good sports! Great Job Owning Your Actions and Words Eagles!

4th Grade House Sorting

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What a fun day for Rees 4th graders who had the opportunity to have the Harry Potter Sorting Hat tell them which house they are in during the month of April. All of the students will set a goal for reading minutes and working towards earning the house cup.

Our Rees goal is for every student to read at least 35 minutes! This begins April 1st and runs through the entire month.  Let's Aim High to Achieve Eagles!


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These fabulous students have worked very hard to meet a reading goal! Congratulations students! Keep up the GREAT work!

Jen Saxon

Congrats Eagles!

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These Rees Eagles recently met a goal to help them become better readers! They have worked really hard and have really showed that they know how to SOAR! Congratulations Eagles!