4th Grade House Sorting

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Rees girl with sorting hat on. Three students wait their turn in line.
Rees 4th grade boy with sorting hat on. Three girls waiting their turn in line
Rees boy with sorting hat on. Other students waiting in line.
Teacher putting sorting hat on 4th grade girl.
Teacher putting a hat on the girl, boys waiting in line.
4th grade boy sitting on a stool with soring hat on, girl and boy standing on line beside them.
Rees boy with hat on. One girl waits her turn beside him.
rees boy with hat on. Teacher stands beside him and two other boys wait their turn.
4th grade boy with hat on. Students waiting in line for their turn.
Harry Potter Flag with House Jars
Harry Potter House flags with goals and points awarded.

What a fun day for Rees 4th graders who had the opportunity to have the Harry Potter Sorting Hat tell them which house they are in during the month of April. All of the students will set a goal for reading minutes and working towards earning the house cup.

Our Rees goal is for every student to read at least 35 minutes! This begins April 1st and runs through the entire month.  Let's Aim High to Achieve Eagles!

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