February 2017

Mrs. Orton - Special Education

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I was born in Utah, but grew up in New Zealand and Idaho.  I am married and have six kids and 3 grandchildren!  I love anything outdoors, especially canoeing, hiking and shooting.  I love to read historical novels and picture books and I love old movies.  My favorite thing to do on stormy days is to bake and do family history!


I like aqua blue, pink and yellow.

I like chicken cordon bleu, but I don’t like anything with eggplant.

Counting Beyond 100

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We are learning how to count to 120 and about place value in first grade.   Here are some pictures of our class using counters to count by tens and ones.


photos and article by Mrs. Searle

Penny Wars Report

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Our Rees Elementary Student Council sponsored a Penny Wars to help and support Nebo Credit Union's Warm the Soles. We collected over $500!!!


Photos and article by Mrs. Shumway

Mrs. Simmons - Speech/Language Pathalogist

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This is my first year as a speech language pathologist and I am loving it!  I have been married for 3 years.  We enjoy playing sports, hiking and playing board/card games.  I also enjoy playing the piano and ceramics.


I like purple, mint and coral, but I don’t like brown.

I like sushi, but I don’t like hot dogs.

I like football, soccer, ultimate frisbee, but I don’t like baseball.

I like oranges, but I don’t like grapefruit.

I like puppies, but I don’t like cats.

Second Grade January Stars

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Congratulations to these second graders on their outstanding performance in their classroom!  Students were chosen based on their hard work on assignments and behavior.  Great job Eagles!

Students pictured:  Evyn Copley, Chloe Valentine, Adan Sanchez, Kasia Crowe, Karsyn Hernandez, Daphne Green, Gia Geroli, Hania Portillo, Katherine Gomez, Cael Jones, Tyler Watts, and Paityn Widdison.


Rees Students Perform

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The last two weeks have been busy for the first, second, and third graders at Rees Elementary.  Each student has been learning about an art form of their choice – visual arts, musical theater, dance, or drumming – with the help of a professional artist.  Friday afternoon was performance day!  Thanks to the parents who have helped practice and create at home.  We are so lucky to have this wonderful experience!


Photos by Mrs. Lee

Is it AM or PM?

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Second-graders have been learning to tell time using a.m. and p.m.!  In Ms. Dekker's class students were shown a picture of an event.  Using the clues in the picture (what are the people doing, how much light is outside), students wrote a time on their whiteboard that made sense.  When Ms. Dekker said, "Show me" students walked to the left or right side of the room to show if their answer was a.m.

Photos and article by Ms. Dekker