October 2016

Red and Green Fun Run

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We saw a lot of red and green today as we geared up for our final event this week, the FUN RUN.  Thanks to everyone who participated, whether it was dressing up each day, wearing the ribbons or making healthy and safe choices.  It was a fun-filled week!  Thank you PTA!


Black and Sunglasses

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“Pull the Shades and Black-Out Cyber Bullying” was today’s theme.  Students dressed in black and wore their sunglasses to promote internet safety today.  We also had an assembly on how to be safe while on the internet.  Tomorrow is the fun run.  Be sure to wear running shoes and red and green.   


Hats and Silly Socks

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Today was “Sock it to Drugs and Put a lid on it” with hats and crazy socks.  So fun!  Don’t forget to sign and return the bright orange fun run permission paper that was sent home for Friday’s running event.  Remind your child to wear black and sunglasses tomorrow.


Crazy Hair Day

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Crazy, cool, slick, spooky, delicious-looking, and all other sorts of hair roamed our school building today.  You, parents, are so creative!  It was CRAZY! Thanks for all of your time and effort in helping your child join in on this day of “Use your head.  Be safe and say NO to drugs!”  Tomorrow is Wear a Hat and Crazy Socks Day.


Photos by: teachers

Star Wars Day

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Today was “Dress like a Star Wars character – The Drug Free Force is with me!”  Thanks to all those who participated.  It was so fun to see the awesome costumes.  Tomorrow is Crazy Hair Day. 

May the Drug Free Force be with you!


Health and Safety Week

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It’s Health and Safety week at Rees!  Each student received and red and green ribbon today.  Remind your child to dress up and wear their ribbons each day to receive a prize from the PTA!  


Mrs. Painter - 3rd Grade Teacher

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This is my 17th year at Rees.  I have one son, his name is Michael.  My husband’s name is Randy.  I enjoy working in my yard, playing softball and drag racing cars.  I enjoy spending time with my family.  I have 2 brothers and 1 sister.

Some fun facts about Mrs. Painter

I like black, red, and navy blue, but I don’t like baby blue.

I like steak and potatoes, but I don’t like lobster.

I like softball/baseball, but I don’t like hockey.

I like watermelon, but I don’t like Honeydew melon.

Matter Floats

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Students in Mrs. Keisel’s and Ms. Dekker’s second grade class have been learning about matter.  We’ve talked about how matter is a solid, liquid, or a gas.  There are many ways matter can change.  A solid can change its shape by folding, biting, squishing, crumpling, etc.   Liquids can change their shape if being poured.

Here are some student responses to what they know matter is:

“Matter is…a solid, a liquid, a gas.”

“Matter is…something you see and feel and smell and taste.”

“Matter is…right here.”  (pointing to a friend)

2nd Grade Students of the Month

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Congratulations to these second graders!  They have demonstrated outstanding behavior in their classrooms for the month of September.  Way to fly, Eagles!

Students pictured:  Landon Holt, Lydia Richards, Hannah Johnson, Sara Miller, Kloey Anderson, Kenslee Burnette,  Maria Lundgreen, Justin Wilkerson, Megan Palmieri, Traeke Seitzinger, Hayzel Olmos, and Gavin Collett.


Collect those Boxtops!

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Dear Parents and Students:

It is time for our first Box Tops for the Arts drive.  The drive will run October 3-14.  Please make sure that each of your Box Tops has a visible, valid expiration date and product code.  We will be having a competition between the grades to see who can collect the most Box Tops.  The grade that wins will get a treat! 

Kelli Wood- PTA