As Promised

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Jason identified the major organs on the inside of a frog! 1.68 MB
stmarch 002.JPG 1.76 MB
stmarch 003.JPG 1.59 MB
Kayleigh modeled the correct care of a pet. 1.77 MB
Sylvia put on a puppet show using the sack puppets she created. 1.5 MB
Michael read his book and then lead a discussion on what to do if you are mad to calm down. 1.59 MB
Kourtney shared a proven and effective method of drawing stars. 1.51 MB
Chase did an unbelievable demonstration on making fizz! 1.34 MB
Alleah taught a phonics lesson on adding "ed" to the end of verbs. 1.45 MB
Taylor read us her bookpack book. 1.36 MB
Korbin impressed his students by making soil expand and then planting some seeds. 1.59 MB
Brianna performed magic using the properties of air pressure. 1.48 MB
Henry Ford Jr. (Andrew) showed the Model G car he made out of a box! 1.55 MB
Sophie taught us how to braid manes and tails...something they do on her Grandma's farm. 1.61 MB
Show and Teach teaches good listening skills. 1.82 MB
Aleks taught us where animals live. Do you know that he speaks 3 different languages? 1.49 MB
Hunter made "sheep feed" and let "ewes" test it. 1.65 MB
Peyton demonstrated the proper technique for frosting a sugar cookie. Mmmmm! 1.49 MB
Sara used the iPad movie she made to teach about saving money! 1.64 MB
Cole is also an expert at teaching through the use of technology! 1.42 MB
Ethan's grandma comes and reads to the afternoon class on Fridays! 2.36 MB
Gavin made and shared blue KoolAid! Refreshing! 1.53 MB
Brenda taught us how to make butter by shaking cream in a jar. It worked! 1.59 MB
Presley taught us how to use her machine to do math problems. 1.68 MB
Michael taught us about carrots. Did you know they are orange? 1.47 MB
Jordon made use of his library book's instructions to make teepees and petroglyphs. 1.82 MB
Luke made "frog slime" using cornstarch and green water. 1.52 MB
Tyler showed us his new game that he wants to learn how to play. 1.67 MB
Luke Maag used the poster he created to teach about the seasons! 1.54 MB
Ella taught us her version of a very fun game called "Spot It". 2.01 MB
stmarch 061.JPG 2.01 MB

The children are really enjoying seeing themselves via computer (and other electronic devices).  So, as promised, here are the Show and Teach presentations from Friday, March 14th.  They just keep thinking of marvelous things to teach!  (The photographer apologizes if anyone was left out accidently.)

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