It's all GREEK in 6th grade.

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It’s All GREEK to Me!

By Jaynee Tanner

    Here ye! Here ye!  The Gods of Olympus are pleased!  For the past few weeks we’ve been learning about the Ancient Greece and their beliefs.  Did you know they were polytheistic?  They believed in many gods!  We’ve also been doing projects, reading books, and even playing games to learn about this fascinating culture.

    Building the Greek temples was really fun. It was also hard because we only had a short amount of time.  It also involved us working as a team. We had to communicate and we each had to do different things to finish it.  It was very interesting seeing a visual representation of a Greek temple.

    Each Polis (city state of ancient Greece) is also doing a research project about information on something from ancient Greeks.  My table is studying ancient Greek music.  It’s really cool to see how the music has changed from then to now.  It was interesting to see the instruments that ancient Greeks used.  The instruments now are completely different from theirs.

    Our class is having a great time learning about ancient Greece.  Dr. Lisa Bean (the district theater specialist) came in and acted like an oracle. We learned how to find our fates and how they sacrificed “goats”.  We also had the Olympic games.  The over all winning Polis (team) was Sparta.  Our class is having a spectacular time doing our Greek unit!

Article by Jaynee Tanner, Photos by Tim Mendenhall