January 2023

Fifth Grade Science Fair Winners

Submitted by heidi.groneman on

The following 5th grade students received a Science Achievement Award and they will be moving on to the district competition on February 9th:

Charli Knowlden, Colby Christensen, Heather Manuele, Ivy Monreal, Jonah White, Katelynn Moody, Leila Ziebarth, Makenna Cunningham, Malakai McCloud, Noah Gancinia, and Stefanie Strauss. 

Way to SOAR Eagles!!

Judy Rawle

Mrs. Groneman Receives the Crystal Apple

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Mrs. Heidi Groneman is the Crystal Apple Teacher of the Year for Rees Elementary!  Mrs. Groneman has worked at Rees for 6 years. She brightens the school each day with her warm smile and positive attitude.  Mrs. Groneman serves the teachers and students in so many ways that leads them and the school to success.  We are so happy to have Mrs. Groneman at Rees!  

Heidi Wilzbach

Mrs. Luke's 4th Grade Celebrates Lunar New Year

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Mrs. Luke's class had the opportunity to celebrate Lunar New Year with a Chinese dragon dance.  We learned that the dragon dance is performed during the lunar new year to chase away the bad things from the old year and to welcome in prosperous times for the new year. Thank you to Cassie and Brayden Abbatiello for providing this awesome experience for my class, it was wonderful!

Jenny Luke