February 2017

Chess Tournament Winners

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Students had the opportunity to learn and practice up on their chess skills the last couple of weeks.  A tournament was held among each grade level.  A big “thanks” goes to Mr. Wright for allowing this to happen!

Congratulations students!

First Grade

1st Place: Anna Wright

Second Grade

1st Place: Nyah Liefson

Third Grade

1st Place: Colby Wright

2nd Place: Maylynn Hunt

Fourth Grade

1st Place: Josh Wright

2nd Place: Sawyer Leifson

February Second Grade Students of the Month

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These second graders are smiling big because they’ve been spotlighted for their hard work in class!  Congratulations Eagles!  Students pictured: Aylin Aguilera, Violet Holdaway, Ethan Hastings, Logan Rohatinsky, Boston Kojima, Rylee Robinson, Isaac Cardoza, Jesse Waite, Brandon Renteria, Leslie Vargas, Ryan Peterson, and Kaitlyn Stephenson.

Also pictured are students who have received their brag tag for passing of their fast fact assessments. Great job!


Brag Tag Earnings

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These first graders are excited to show off their math brag tags. They have worked hard learning to read, write, and count numbers from 1-120, and learning their addition fast facts. 


Carla Nixon

Student Council Organizes Kindness Week

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Rees Student Council Members have created and organized a week to focus on KINDESS.  Starting next week, each day will be focused on some kind of kindness.  We hope to see everyone participate!

2/27  Monday:  “Mahalo Monday”

-Please wear a Hawaiian Shirt or a bright color to kick-off our Kindness week.

Each student will receive a lei to remind them to use polite words such as ‘please’, ‘thank you’, and ‘you’re welcome’.

2/28 Tuesday: “Teamwork Tuesday”

-Wear your favorite team  jersey

Roxanne Shumway

Science in Motion

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Last week Mrs. Darrington's students were learning about force, motion, and gravity in Miss Saxon's science class.  They performed various experiments to see how different forces and different weights affect the motion and direction of objects.  


Article and photos by Ms. Saxon

Flying in First Grade

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Congratulations to these awesome first graders, they are our January students of the month. Keep up the great work.

Top row left to right: Bianca Zaragoza, Brielle Tew, Mila Yardley, Grace Bradshaw, Anna Wright, Tristan Scott, Savanah Middledorf

Bottom row left to right: Kai Parker, Nathaniel Taylor, Heidi Gaspar, Kortney Swatscheno


Photo and article by Mrs. Nixon

PEAK Award

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Ms. Mary Joy Dekker was the recipient of the PEAK Award (Positive Energy And Kindess) last week.  This award is determined by nominations by individuals at the school or community.  She recently received the Crystal Apple Award as well.  What a week it’s been for her!  Congratulations (again!)!

Crystal Apple Award

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Mary Joy Dekker was the recipient of the Crystal Apple Award this year at Rees.  This award is given to her as a result of being nominated by her peers.  MJ is a wonderful example of how to reach the needs of all students.  She will find something to help her students feel successful.  She loves the arts and tries to find ways to integrate them into her lessons.  We’re so happy to have you at Rees!  Congratulations! 

Rees Science Fair Participators Move On to District Level

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Nine sixth grade students from Rees participated in the Nebo District Science Fair.  All nine students placed at the district level and will be moving on to the Central-Utah Science Fair at BYU.  Winners are Eduardo Diaz, Sammie Ellis, Ian Fulwider, Canyon Kojima, Koda Marshall, Tanner Mason, Austin Tucker, Jesus Ponce, and Katy Wright.  Congratulations Rees students!


photo and article by Jen Gasser