Where the Wild Things Are

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Where the Wild Things Are

by Sabrina Geroli

As 6th graders we did a play based off of a book called, “Where the Wild Things Are”. We had to make all the props and create the scenery so we could act out the story for the first graders. We spent a lot of time creating it so the first graders (our audience) would love it. Making all these props was a hard challenge but working as a team we pulled through. When the paint  and scenery was dry we took our desks and tables out of the classroom and transformed the room into the story.

We got to perform the play 5 times, we improved each time we performed it. I loved working together as a team and seeing the audience’s reaction. I thought it was fun because some of the classes that came to watch, wrote us notes saying Thank-you and telling us what parts they liked the best. Working together as a team showed how great we can be.  I hope we can do this again!

Article: Sabrina Geroli, Photos: Tim Mendenhall