Unusual Hula?

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Unusual Hula? by Naomi Memmott

         Some people might find Hula unusual.  But I’m sure that if Hawaiian people saw a teenage girl swinging on a wrecking ball they would have some thoughts themselves. I’d think we are the peculiar ones.  Let me fill you in on some of the stuff we do, including the moves we make and some of the basics we have learned so far in this awesome arts residency. 

          First of all hula is telling a story with only your hips, legs and hands.  For boys most every move is sharp, strong and very masculine. On the other hand, girls do soft, smooth movements.  But something we all struggle with is keeping our knees bent.  You might ask why we need our knees bent?  Well, we need our knees bent because doing so brings out our hips. Most people say, “Hula is all in the hips.” Not true!  It’s in the knees!!!! Now that’s unusual.

          Anyways I think that’s it for now.  Bottom line- Hula is AWESOME!!!   

Naomi Memmott