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The end of every school year is welcomed with happiness for the accomplishments and memories made, and sadness for the changes that it brings.  We are sad to lose many of our friends this year and appreciate all they have done for the students at Rees Elementary.   We wish them the very best in their future endeavors. "Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget."  G. Randolph  

Teachers Retiring:

Mrs. Ellen Anderson (literacy coach)

Teachers leaving to stay home with families:

Mrs. Brooke Anderson (4th), Mrs. April Smith (4th), Mrs. Angie Keisel (2nd), Mrs. Michelle Spencer (3rd), Mrs. Jocelyn Widmer (Sped)

Teachers switching to a different grade level:

Mrs. Brittany Anderson (moving to K), Miss Kinsey Williams (moving to 1st), Mrs. Sasha Tew (moving to 4th)

Teachers and Staff moving to a new school:

Mrs. Morgan Barber (4th),  Mrs. Roxanne Shumway (Counselor), Mrs. Michelle Gale (K), Mrs. Kelsey Simmons (Speech)

Teachers and Staff leaving to pursue other opportunities:

Mr. Lynn Adams (Psychologist)

While we are sad to lose our friends, we are excited for the adventures we will have with the new ones.

WELCOME these new teachers and Staff to REES:

Mrs. Karen Smith (Counselor), Miss. Heidi Wilzbach (2nd), Mrs. Heidi Groneman (2nd), Miss. Kalie Peck (2nd) Miss. Shaelee Nielson (3rd),  Mrs. Mallorie Wilson (4th), Mrs. Sherry Kelly (4th) 



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