Students Work with Artists

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Kindergarten through Second Grade Students got the privilege to work with very talented artists during the two weeks of Artists in Residency.  Students were given choices as to which art form to study.  The choices were 1) Poetry, bookmaking, and art with Polly Parkinson; 2) Creative Dance with Mariam Bowen and Chris Roberts; 3) Visual Arts with Vicki Gehring and Stacey Hall; 4) Music and Rhythm with Kathy Neff and Randy Tew.

Some of the older grade students chose to give up their lunch recess to also learn from the artists.

Rees students worked hard and enjoyed their time with the artists.  At the end of the two weeks displays of the visual arts decorated the halls.  An assembly showcased the achievements of the dancers and the musicians.  It was amazing that so much could be learned and accomplished in two short weeks.

Kathy Neff even wrote music for Mr. Ballard's poem of "The Rees Pledge".  Music students performed it at the assembly.

Thank you, artists and students for sharing the arts with our school!