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The Mission to Mars      

By: Kaitlyn Wyatt

The Mission to Mars is a wonderful adventure that we did in Mr. Mendenhall’s 6th grade class.  We simulated launching an astronaut into space and landing it on Mars safely. BRACE FOR IMPACT!!! PROTECTION IS NEEDED! Everybody is counting on you.

In this activity you need to make a capsule to fly into space and land on Mars. Your astronaut (the egg) needs to survive the launch, and the landing. Our rocked flew up about 100 feet and then landed on the black-top of the playground. 20 kids created their Mars landing capsules and only 5 survived!  Congratulations to Kaitlyn, Lauren, Kaysen, Erick, and Brooklin for their NASA like engineering skills!


 Math is a GAME!

By Kaysen Stevens


“Oh no! I’ve combined the wrong atoms. The atom “4” combined with “7x” does not equal 48...kaboom!”  

In class we have been learning about solving equations. On our new program called Manga High, we have been having a competition on this game called Algebra Meltdown. On this game you have to combine two atoms to make an altered atom, (which is the answer). The atom (the variable) can go through many different tubes (function rules) that change the atoms value.  There are scientists waiting at the bottom of the tube waiting for their specific value of an atom (the correct solution).  If you didn’t get the right answer or were too slow, the scienctist would get red in the face and stomp away. This was a fun way to practice solving equations!



By Tayven Cook

 Mr. Mendenhall is the master at theater. He is now teaching his class puppeteering with hand-made puppets. His class made Big Mouth puppets. He taught them how to properly hold them. He also taught how to speak  so that it makes your puppet look like it really walks and talks!  

We first made puppets out of a simple  envelope. Then we all sat in a circle and practiced making the puppets talk. Mr.Mendenhall’s puppet was named Fluffy. I named my puppet Tom Brady. I can’t wait to do more puppeteering. Puppetry is great to work on our creativity and working with our actor’s tool, our voice!


Can Crusher 

By Ben Escamilla

In Mr. Mendenhall´s class we were learning linear equations. To help us learn linear equations we crushed cans. We filled up a bottle that has had a liter of water (1000ml). Then we used a sewage drain pipe to drop the bottle which then crushed the cans. Every time we dropped the bottle we put it at different heights. The higher (potential energy) we dropped it, the more the kinetic energy crushed the can.  Then we graphed what we happened.  WOW!  It was linear graph! Once you could see the pattern you could tell what was next in the pattern.

Then after we did that we than filled the bottle up with different amounts and the we dropped from the same height. You could see a pattern in it too. So, then you could tell predict how much weight was in the bottle by how much the can was crushed. That’s how we learned how you can use linear equations.

Tim Mendenhall