Show and Teach Presentations

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Shaiyne demonstrated the recipe and proper procedure for making frog slime. 4.92 MB
st feb 21 007.JPG 4.17 MB
Kamryn displayed her rendition of an alien done on canvas like the illustrations in the book she read. 4.66 MB
Maylynn used technology to teach an alphabet song to her students. 3.43 MB
Michael read us his book teaching us the names for groups of animals. 4.09 MB
Sylvia modeled great voice inflection as she read us a funny book. 4.83 MB
Korbin taught the sounds of animals using his power point presentation titled, "What does the fox say?" 3.62 MB
Andrew shocked us all with his reading ability as he read a very hard but funny book! 4.67 MB
Hunter thoroughly enjoyed reading his book and explaining all of the funny parts to his students. 4.49 MB
Jason read the class his bookpack book. What a good reader! 3.67 MB
Aleks taught the difference between cars and trucks using replicas. 4.79 MB
Kourtney demonstrated that red + white = pink. 4.36 MB
Alleah's poster of the life cycle of a pumpkin was very informative! 3.85 MB
Kayleigh authored and illustrated a book on unicorns. Look for her at Barnes and Noble in the future! 3.49 MB
Kaiden showed us ow to make a sack puppet! Fun! 4.52 MB
Chase taught the proper care of a new puppy and brought a live specimen. 4.39 MB
Presley exhibited a little lego set she and her parents built. 4.48 MB
Luke Maag did a magnificent demonstation on towel folding. 4.96 MB
Harrison taught about the human skeleton. Did you know babies have more bones than adults? True fact! 4.18 MB
Alexa showed a sucker with a scorpion inside. It came from a faraway country called Wyoming. You eat the scorpion. 4.65 MB
Brenda is fluent in these Spanish words and shared her knowledge. 4.03 MB
Gavin displayed his artistic talents and showed how to draw a bird. 4.17 MB
Jordon taught about dinosaurs! 4.71 MB
Michael taught the life cycle of a frog. Amazing! 4.57 MB
Luke Mason taught how to draw a bunny face. Just in time for Easter! 3.79 MB
Tyler Peralta showed us Etch-a-Sketch calligraphy...he wrote his name! 4.35 MB

February 21st was an exciting Friday in Kindercamp.  Many miniature-sized professors were able to deliver their presentations to an eager audience.  Look through the pictures to see what you can learn!

Sophia Telford's presentation on farm animals was so fabulous and had so many pixels that the website could not handle the photo of her show and teach.  Sorry Sophie!  Emma Vakalala's picture of her reading a book was also too large of a file to download.  Why?  I don't know!  Sara Thompson's homemaking skill demonstration on properly folding clothes was evidently also too colorful to download.  : (  Adding to the list of heavy pixeled pictures is Tyler Minson's presentation.  He showed the very useful process of making a pizza out of little pieces of paper.  I wish you could see it!  Colby, also not pictured, showed his culinary skill of peeling a carrot.  Phenyx's rock collection also exceeded the maximum file size of 5 MB's.  Add Ella Mason's demonstration of frog slime to the list of pictures that will not upload.  She made this slime using 1 cup cornstarch, 1/2 cup conditioner.  EEW!

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