Science Fair Winners

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Last week, the students were given the opportunity to use the Scientific Method to test a hypothesis of their choice.  This was a great experience both for participants and for studentbody members who got to view the projects.  Pictured above are the winners.  Listed below are the Science Fair winners.

Team: Julia Stick and Kenzie Fredericks

Bryson Riley

Jefferson Ballard

Team: Mel Wilson and Tytan Telford

Aspyn Child

Team: Megan and Courtney Metzger

Makiah Staheli

Team: Bailey Hunt and Kacey Melton

Team: Zander Pace and JoJo Castillio

Team: Julien Baugh and Bennett Gordon



Team: Trace Stevens and Wyatt Justensen

Tate Tanner

Evin Fulwider