Red/Green Ribbon Week

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Monday is the beginning of Red/Green Ribbon Week.  Red Ribbon is for saying no to drugs, and Green Ribbon for safety and anti-bullying.   We encourage you to support your student in participating in these fun events and to be a part of our school spirit.  Thank you to our PTA for putting these activities together.  We love what you do for our school!

Monday: United We Stand- wear red, white, and blue
Tuesday: Wild about being Drug and Bully Free- wear crazy socks
Wednesday: Be a Hero!- dress like a favorite hero
Thursday: Be all you can Be, Be Drug Free- wear camoflouge
Friday: Be a True Sports Hero, Be Drug/Bully Free- wear favorite sports jersey


Friday will also be the FUN RUN!  Permission slips were sent home last week, please be sure to sign them and send them back by this Wednesday the 11th.