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Sidney wrote a whole book and illustrated it for us! It was great! 1.51 MB
Peter is a woodworker! 1.62 MB
Bren demonstrated how to "pump" in a swing to go way up high. 1.93 MB
Alex taught about animals using clay animals she made! 1.46 MB
st feb arts night 108.JPG 1.6 MB
Tayla invented a flyswatter. 1.66 MB
Grace read us a book! 1.62 MB
Zeke used the doc camera to show us how to work his game. 1.57 MB
Stockton taught us about using a tape measurer. 1.52 MB
st feb arts night 103.JPG 1.96 MB
Carnivore, Omnivore, or Herbivore? Don't know? Ask Clay! 1.69 MB
st feb arts night 100.JPG 1.72 MB
Gavin taught us about the 5 Little Speckled Frogs and gave us all pictures to color. 1.49 MB
st feb arts night 098.JPG 1.75 MB
If you don't know about crocodiles, ask Jesse. 1.46 MB
Hayden taught us about Spring using her bookpack book and painting. 1.6 MB
st feb arts night 096.JPG 1.46 MB
st feb arts night 094.JPG 1.47 MB
Yes, it's true! Ellie knows how to sew and made a bean bag. 1.58 MB
st feb arts night 091.JPG 2 MB
st feb arts night 093.JPG 1.56 MB
Hailey taught us about time and the seasons. 1.64 MB
st feb arts night 087.JPG 1.5 MB
Gavin has his own cooking show! He showed us how to make macaroni and cheese! 1.59 MB
Reese designed his own dinosaur and told us how it would protect itself. 1.35 MB
It's better than magic when Bella makes her gigantic snowflakes. She told us interesting facts about snowflakes, too! 1.4 MB
Jadyn read us a book! The teacher was oh so proud! 1.51 MB
Nyah explained how she earned her 4-H medal. 1.42 MB
Gracie told in word and pictures about losing and swallowing her tooth. The fairy still came! 1.43 MB
st feb arts night 078.JPG 1.76 MB
Matthew taught us all about eye glasses. 1.43 MB
Meg read us a book all by herself! 1.42 MB
st feb arts night 075.JPG 2.01 MB
Peyton proudly read us her book! 1.35 MB
Jerika taught us how to make "mud" cookies. The recipe was in her bookpack. 1.75 MB
st feb arts night 072.JPG 1.66 MB
Jaida taught us about the color pink. 1.55 MB
Ellie taught us the reason chickens scratch in the dirt...using the real thing! 1.57 MB
st feb arts night 070.JPG 1.65 MB
Tyler taught us about new Spring plants. 1.66 MB
st feb arts night 065.JPG 1.62 MB
Eisley taught us how to make snowflakes. 1.46 MB
Hayden taught us how he built a motorcycle. 1.46 MB
Lucas likes to play with his brother with the trucks. 1.63 MB

If you want great entertainment and magnificent learning come by on a Tuesday to mrs. Tew's classes. The children are the teachers!  Here are this week's presentation.

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