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Sheep!  Tomato!  Bee!  That’s right.  Harward Farms had those and a whole bunch more!  It was Farm Field Days and the second graders visited the farm on Thursday.  We learned all about agriculture.  Students participated in several activities to help them understand how agriculture is part of our everyday lives.  They made a “living necklace”, learned about proper handwashing and the food groups, discovered Z.I.P (zinc, iron, protein) is in beef, learned about tractor safety and where the water we use in the valley comes from, what’s needed for plants grow, and even watched a sheep being sheered.  From sheep to wool, cow to beef, bees to honey, and seeds to fruit – it’s all part of what we use and do each day!  Thank you Harward Farms for providing this experience for our students.  We had so much fun!