Happy Halloween from Rees Elementary!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 10/31/2011 - 17:05

October 31st was a spooky day at Rees Elementary school in Spanish Fork.  Students and teachers alike dressed up in costumes to celebrate a day of fantasy and fear.  Popular costumes this year included Transformers, Mario brothers, and super heroes like Batman.  Classic costumes such as witches, skeletons, and pirates were also represented. 

The day began with a Halloween Parade through the school hallways.  Students lined the halls to watch the parade of ghastly ghouls march by.  Parents filled the gym to photograph their special little creatures.  The loudspeaker played haunting music and fun Halloween hit songs.  Smiles were seen everywhere!

Students also participated in the student council sponsored events.  Ghosty grams were kind notes that students could purchse for 25 cents.  The student council would then attach a piece of candy and deliver it to the recipient's classroom.  Student council members also created a costume contest for teachers.  Mr. Tim Mendenhall, dressed as a pirate, won the competition.

The children ended their day of celebration with individual class parties.  Parents flooded the school with candy in hand to prepare fun activities in classrooms.  The students were sent home with a "Happy Halloween!" from teachers.  We just hope they return tomorrow...

by Ethan Deceuster