6th Grade Diamond Fork Field Trip

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On Friday, September 11, 6th grade went on a field trip to Diamond Fork Canyon.  One of the games we played was the ¨A¨ game. This was a teamwork game. There were ropes attached to a giant letter A.  We got in a circle and people grabbed the ropes and pulled the letter A up.  The object of the game was to get the water without touching the ground. The only thing that could touch the ground was the very bottom of the wooden A.  We all gave suggestions about how to get the water bottle and tried all of them.  Some of them helped and some of them did not.  We put many people on the ¨A¨ and many people were very close. When Kristen was on the A, we came up with a solution that we had tried earlier and tweaked it a little bit. We had a few problems but then it all worked out. We used teamwork to get the water.  

 We also went into the river to look for some very important invertebrates. They help keep the water clean and healthy. We used nets to look for bugs and if we found any we put them in water. They were not the prettiest bugs but they were cool looking. Some were big and some were small and they were different colors. Before we went into the river we had to put on waders.

 We had so much fun on the field trip and can not wait to go again!

 Written by Kristen and Lacy


Written by Kristen and Lacy