January 2021

100 Days of School Celebration

Submitted by heidi.groneman on Fri, 01/29/2021 - 15:35

Some of our Rees classes celebrated 100 days at school today.  There were lots of fun activities including 10 exercises 10 times to equal 100 exercises, writing, art, math, counting, challenges on how many licks to get to the center of a lollipop, stacking 100 cups, dice games, etc. Students had a fun Friday celebrating this monumental day in the school year. Keep working hard the rest of the year! 

Sara Phillips, Heidi Wilzbach, Ashley Roberts, Carla Nixon

Cole Caught SOARing!

Submitted by heidi.groneman on Fri, 01/29/2021 - 14:18

Congratulations to Cole who was caught SOARing by someone in his class.  His name was written on an Eagle Eye slip in Miss Saxon's 3rd grade class and entered into a drawing. When his name was selected, Cole chose to give a HIGH 5 to Mr. Gull (with his elbow). WAY to SOAR Cole!! Keep up the GREAT work!

5th Grade End of Term Party

Submitted by heidi.groneman on Fri, 01/29/2021 - 14:13

Rees 5th graders had a fun afternoon celebrating their successful end of Term 2. They played board games, ate nachos, and played nine square.  It was fun to hear them laugh and having a fun time celebrating their hard work. Keep up the great work 5th grade!

Mr. Gappmayer Teaches Respect

Submitted by adam.gull on Mon, 01/25/2021 - 14:25

Mr. Gappmayer is an amazing educator.  He is also a positive influence for students at Rees Elementary.  Here, Mr. G. was caught teaching a lesson on how to show respect in the classroom.  We refer to students quite often to show respect as part of our SOAR motto at school.  Thanks Mr. Gappmayer for teaching students HOW to show respect at school.  

Brag Tag Reward Activity

Submitted by heidi.groneman on Fri, 01/22/2021 - 15:45

Our Rees Kindergarteners earned their first Brag Tag for the year! They had to identify, write, and build the numbers 0-10! They have worked SO HARD and we are so proud of them!

Today we celebrated with our reward activity by playing Toilet Tag with Mr. Gull, Mr. Gappmeyer, Mrs. Groneman, Mrs. Metcalf, and the Kindergarten Teachers. So much fun! Thanks Kindergarteners!
Clarissa Putnam

Goodbye Mrs. Clegg

Submitted by heidi.groneman on Fri, 01/22/2021 - 15:36

Mrs. Jolynn Clegg left Rees today after working here for 17 years.  She did a WONDERFUL job with our take-home library. Each day, she made sure students had books to take home and read. In addition to her daily job with take-home books, she also worked daily with 1st grade students tutoring them in Heggerty, a phonemic awareness program, helping with supervision at lunch time, and coordinating the supervision schedule. We will miss her at Rees, but wish her well as she moves on. Thank YOU Mrs. Clegg!!

Rootbeer Floats for Reading!

Submitted by heidi.groneman on Fri, 01/15/2021 - 12:42

Some Rees had the opportunity to come to a Root Beer Float Party.  In December at our reading carnival, these students chose to use some of their carnival tickets to come to the party. It was fun to see the kids laughing, smiling, and enjoying their Root Beer Floats. Keep reading at home Eagles!

Donut Party with Mr. Gappmayer

Submitted by heidi.groneman on Fri, 01/15/2021 - 12:12

This week, Rees students had a donut party with Mr. Gappmayer. These students used some of their reading carnival tickets from December to come to this FUN party.  Students enjoyed donuts and chocolate milk while Mr. Gappmayer hung out with them.  Students will have the opportunity for another party at the end of the school year if they continue doing their reading at home.  

Pizza with the Principal

Submitted by heidi.groneman on Wed, 01/13/2021 - 14:48

Some Rees students earned a pizza party by doing their reading at home.  In December at our reading carnival, these students chose to use some of their carnival tickets to have a pizza party with Mr. Gull.  Keep up the great reading Eagles!