November 2016

Mrs. Spencer ~ Third Grade Teacher

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I have been teaching for 11 years, with 6 years being at Rees.  I have been married for 2 years.  We enjoy hiking playing sports, and cheering on BYU.

I like blue and green, but I don’t like red and green together.

I like BBQ, but I don’t like brussel sprouts.

I like baseball, basketball and football, but I don’t dislike any!

I like strawberries, but I don’t like papaya.

I like cheetahs, but I don’t like snakes.

All About Native Americans

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Mrs. Beyal, from the Title Vll department at Nebo School District, visited our second graders on Monday.  She taught us an important lesson: we are all children of different colors.  We sang a Native American song in sign language, learned about a loom, how to make a rug, their homes and more.  Thank you for coming!


Artists in Residence ~ Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grades

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Once again, Artists in Residence has taken place at Rees!  Students have worked so hard to perform and display their art form for the last two weeks.  We are so grateful for the artists who put in so much time for these students.  We are also grateful for those teachers and staff members who have organized this amazing opportunity for students.  Thank you!


Mrs. Harvey - First Grade Teacher

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I have taught for 10 years.  I have two kids and I love to read and play the piano.

Some fun facts about Mrs. Harvey:

I like blue, but I don’t like pink.

I like pasta, but I don’t like seafood.

I like gymnastics, but I don’t like golf.

I like berries.

I like orcas, but I don’t like snakes.

The best part about my  job is seeing kids learn new things.


Pumpkin Investigations

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Mrs. Keisel’s second grade class had so much fun exploring pumpkins.  We estimated the number of lines and seeds in a pumpkin and listed adjectives to describe the outside and inside of a pumpkin.  There were a few students who had never carved or seen the inside of one before!  It was a sticky, smelly, gooey, squishy time!  


Honoring our Veterans

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We had a special visit from several Veterans from Spanish Fork today for our Veterans Day Assembly.  The second grade students sang the National Anthem in sign language today and the assembly ended with all students standing and singing “God Bless the U.S.A.”       

We are thankful for all of the courageous men and women who have served, and who are currently serving, our country.  We are so lucky to live where we do.  Thank you! 


Photos by Sasha Tew and Amy Darrington

Mr. Mendenhall - 6th Grade Teacher

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I have taught for the past 26 years at a public, private, and charter school.  I have 5 children; three homegrown and two hand-me-downs.  I help run a camp in Minnesota for boys.  Teaching supports my camping habit.  I like anything outdoors and adventurous.

Some fun facts about Mr. Mendenhall:

I like blue, but I don’t like purple.

I like chips and salsa, but I don’t like pasta.

I like volleyball, but I don’t like WWF Wrestling.

I like asian pears, but I don’t like dragon fruit.


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Come out and support Rees Elementary School at Spirit Night! Be sure to let a Chic-Fil-A Team Member know you are here to support Rees Elementary and Chick-fil-A Spanish Fork will donate 20% of your receipt back to the school!

Wednesday, November 9th 5:00-8:00