September 2016

Mrs. Searle - 1st Grade Teacher

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I love traveling, seeing new places and being outside with my family.  We like to hike, ski, camp and boat together.

Some fun facts about  Mrs. Searle:

I like yellow but I don’t like black.

I like potatoes, but I don’t like asparagus.

I like to watch basketball, but I don’t like to watch wrestling.

I like raspberries, but I don’t like guava.

I like dogs, but I don’t like spiders.

The best part about my job is working with the children and people at Rees.

Physical Changes

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Science is a BLAST in 5th grade.   We are learning about physical changes and chemical reactions.   This is a demonstration showing a fun physical change.


Photo by Tara Hunt

Buddy Reading

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Mrs. Hunt's 5th grade class and Mrs. Chidester's Kindergarten classes have become buddy readers.   The fifth grade help give the kindergarten individual attention for learning the new skull of reading.

The Kindergarteners have special books to read that introduce the letters and their sounds.   Once the kindergarten student had read these books to the fifth graders, then they can choose a fun picture book off the shelf.

Buddy reading with the kindergarten is s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-super fun!


Photos by Tara Hunt

Principal Mr. Gull

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I grew up in the best era - the 80’s and 90’s!   I was born in Payson and grew up on a farm just outside of Spanish Fork.   I’m the fifth child out of seven kids.  I grew up playing sports like baseball, basketball, ran track and cross country in high school.  I love to fish and be in the mountains.  I have five kids of my own.  I’ve taught 5th and 6th grades at East Meadows and 4th grade at Hobble Creek.  I was the Title 1 Coordinator at Park for four years.  This is my 11th year in education.

Utah vs. BYU

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Well….it’s been a week.  Take a look to see which teachers were happy about the outcome of the big game.


MMHS Football Visitors

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Maple Mountain High School football players visited Rees students.  Players read to students and had fun playing with them outside.  Thanks for coming!


Pictures by Carla Nixon and Jen Saxon

Statue of Responsibility

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Rees students were entertained with a visit from a couple of the members from the Harlem Globetrotters!  Peewee and Hollywood taught us about how to be responsible and why it’s important for us to have that characteristic.  Students were asked to give an example of how to be responsible.  Here are a few of their responses:

“Taking care of your Android or iPhone.”

“Doing your homework.”

And a favorite among teachers was: “Not yelling at your teacher.”

Back to School Celebration

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Monday night was the night to kick off the beginning of the school year at Rees Elementary!  Families piled into the gym in anticipation to see UVU’s Green Man Group perform.  We heard from Miss Spanish Fork, the PTA president, and Clint to introduce the main event: GMG.  Oh boy, didn’t they come in as loud as ever!  Drums were played, ears were plugged, hands were clapping, and bodies were dancing!  It was so fun to see them interact with the audience and invite them to bang on the drums.  Hotdogs were served afterwards.

Photos by Dixie Spresser and Angie Sanchez

Back to School Celebration!

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Don’t forget!  Monday, September 12 is our Rees Back to School Celebration!  A special performance from the Green Man Group will entertain us and hot dogs will be provided.  Party starts at 6:00 pm.  Hope to see you there!