Welcome Back Rees Students!

Submitted by heidi.groneman on
Mrs. Gandy 4th Grade
Mrs. Luke 4th Grade
Mrs. Tew 4th Grade
Mrs. Painter 3rd Grade
Mrs. Nixon 3rd Grade
Ms. Saxon 3rd Grade
Mrs. Harvey 1st Grade
Mrs. Searle 1st Grade
Mrs. Coley 1st Grade
Miss Phillips 1st Grade
Mrs. Roberts 2nd Grade
Mrs. Darrington 2nd Grade
Miss Wilzbach 2nd Grade
Miss Putnam 2nd Grade
Mrs. Kelly 5th Grade
Mrs. Rawle 5th Grade
Mr. Ekker 5th Grade

What a GREAT first week! We were all excited to be back in school this week and we are all looking forward to a FANTASTIC school year! Let's SOAR Eagles!

Adam Gull