Stunt Masters BMX Assembly

Submitted by heidi.groneman on
Student body watching the assembly-taken from the roof of the school
Superman stunt on bike
BMS Stunt crew and Rees Eagle mascot
Jumping bike over 3 teachers and one stunt man
Bike jump over man sitting in a chair with his arms raised
Bike Stunt on ramp
Rees Student Council leading the students in the school chant
Flip on bike
Students watching the bike assembly on the hill

Students at Rees got to see an amazing assembly this week.  During the assembly they saw some very thrilling bike stunts and learned lots of great things like:

  • How to be a good citizen
  • Ways to be a good friend
  • Why is it important not to be a bully
  • How to be respectful
  • What the Golden Rule is

The assembly was so entertaining with lots of cheering and fun! A huge thank you to The Stunt Masters for putting on such a great show!

Adam Gull