Safe Routes Utah Assembly

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Rees youngers students at the assembly
Rees older students at assembly
Students listening at the assembly
Students listening to presenter at assembly
Students raising their hand at the assembly
Mr. Gull talking to students at the beginning of the assembly
C.A.R.: Cross, Alert, and Ready Sign

Rees students had a great assembly today from Safe Routes Utah, where kindergarten, first and second grade students learned to remember C.A.R.

  • Cross-Stop, look, and listen;
  • Alert-Be Aware of Signs and drivers
  • Ready-Protect yourself with proper gear. 


Rees third, fourth, and fifth grade students learned how to Beat the Street and Earn the Street Safety Badges:

  • Cross Dangers: Be aware of dangers when crossing.
  • The Right Skin: Protect yourself with the right gear.
  • Crossing Tactics: Use the right tactics to cross safely.
  • Safe Routes Hero: Keep your squad when crossing.
  • Crossing Focus: Stay focused on yours surroundings.