Crystal Apple Award-Mrs. Hirst

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Mrs. Hirst received Crystal Apple award, standing with Mrs. Searle, Ms. Wilzbach, and Mr. Gull

Michelle Hirst was awarded the Crystal Apple today before school. Michelle has done an outstanding job as the EEC teacher for the past three years.  She works tirelessly for her students and always does whatever she can to make school a great place for her students and the paraprofessionals in her classroom.

This is what her paraprofessionals had to say about her:

"We could not ask for a better boss and friend! She is not only there for the kids but for anyone in need at the school. She goes above and beyond to help the children in our class. She deserves this award and so much more!

 Congratulations Mrs. Hirst! You are an incredible part of our Rees team!

Adam Gull, Cara Vakalala, Lillian Reynaud, Cami Taylor, and Gina Anderson