Cosmo and BYU Dunk Team Visit Rees Students

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Mrs. Hirst's Class with Cosmos and some BYU visitors
Cosmo giving high five to a boy
Cosmo with students
Cosmo dunking basketball
Man jumping to dunk basketball
Girl jumping to dunk the basketball
Students with BYU shirts to share with a new friend
Cosmo doing the wave with the students and faculty
Students, Cosmo, and Dunk team doing push ups together
Man doing a flip before a dunk
Cosmo jumping to dunk the balll
Man flipping to dunk the ball
Cosmo and SOARIN SAM
Mrs. Thomas with BYU visitors
Students and BYU Dunk Team doing pushups, different view
Dunk over Mr. Gull
Cosmo and Eagle shaking hands
Cosmo, Mr. Gull, and Eagle
Cosmo, Eagle, Mr. Gull, and BYU visitors

To celebrate the end of our S.O.A.R. lessons, Cosmo and the BYU Dunk Team performed for Rees students and staff.  Before the performance, everyone learned a few lessons about:

  1. How to be mentally strong.
  2. The importance of being a good friend.
  3. How to use technology appropriately and to learn to set limits with time screen time.
  4. Great ways to be physically strong through exercise and eating healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables. 

Then, Cosmo and the team performed lots of fun trampoline tricks and dunks for the students and staff.  The kids absolutely loved it! 

Michelle Hirst