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We are excited to welcome three new teachers to Rees Elementary this year.  

Ashley Roberts has been teaching for 7 years, and she is excited to join us in 2nd grade.  Ashley grew up in Lake Shore, attended UVU and is married with 2 kids.  They enjoy hunting and camping as a family.  Her favorite children's books are Amelia Bedelia.  One of her bucket list items is to go to New Zealand.  Her favorite treat is Diet Coke.  She is excited to be at Rees and we are thrilled to have her!

Arianna Bates is interning this year in our Special Ed. department.  She grew up in SLC and went to East High. She will graduate from BYU at the completion of her year here.  She lived in Frankfurt, Germany for two years whilse serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.   She loves to read, watch movies and do genealogy.  A bucket list item of hers is to be a wedding crasher and photobomb new couples getting married.  Her favorite treat is brownies and ice cream.  She is a great addition to our staff and we are happy to have her join us.

Clarissa Putnam joins us in Kindergarten this year.  Clarissa is splitting her day between here and Brockbank Elementary and we appreciate her willingness to do both.  She was born in California but moved to Sandy, Utah when she was just a baby.  Clarissa has three older siblings- 2 sisters and 1 brother. They are all married and have kids. She is positive that she is the favorite aunt! (10 and counting)  Clarissa loves to hike, swim, read, watch movies, play with her nieces and nephews, and four-wheel.  She loves Mexican food and basically any candy! She says "she is addicted to ice water (weird, I know.)"  On her bucket list is to travel Europe, skydive, visit the 7 wonders, and own a library like Beast in Beauty and the Beast.  Clarissa loves teaching because she gets to be with kids ALL DAY! "I love their energy, quick wits, and ability to love and laugh every minute of every day!"  We are so happy to have Clarissa and have appreciated HER energy and ability to laugh.