Tew's Tiny Teachers Jan 24

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This is Ella making a quilt! 1.46 MB
Luke knows how to use a saw to cut out wooden letters! 1.69 MB
Maylynn taught us about "big, bigger, biggest and small, smaller, smallest". 1.71 MB
Kayleigh taught about things dogs cannot do (like laundry) and things dogs can do (like dig). 1.86 MB
Kamryn made and presented a power point presentation on how to take care of your teeth! 1.5 MB
Shaiyne taught us all kinds of interesting facts about farm animals. 1.4 MB
Chase explained why chickens scratch in the dirt. See his great illustration? He also read us a book about a chicken. 1.32 MB
Kourtney wowed us with her amazing snowflakes. She made them! 1.37 MB
Jason taught us about insects while making a cool bug that glows in the dark! 1.5 MB
Alleah showed pictures of her with the princesses and taught us how to curtsy and bow. 1.72 MB
Korbin showed us that there are at least 22 words that you can spell with the letters of his name. 1.54 MB
Sophia told us about her book starring Pinkalicious and Goldilicious. She made a poster about her favorite color, purplicious 1.39 MB
Emma taught us about big, medium, and small. 1.39 MB
Hunter authored a book about how to care of a cat. He read it for us. 1.33 MB
Taylor drew pictures of animals that make good pets. 1.47 MB
Did you know that Andrew knows the recipe for making hot chocolate? He made some. 1.78 MB
Sylvia is an expert on caring for a cat. She taught us all we need to know! 1.89 MB
Presley used the document camera to read us her bookpack book. 1.69 MB
Brianna taught us a magic trick which truly impressed everyone. 1.49 MB
2 st awards 038.JPG 1.84 MB
The class did a great job of being a good audience. 1.91 MB
PJ gave a lesson on how to pop popcorn. He shared some with his "students". 1.58 MB
Sara told us all kinds of interesting facts about T-Rex, the dinosaur. 1.46 MB
Cole is learning the fine art of airplane folding and shared some of his strategies. 1.56 MB
Harrison walked us through the steps of making a snack called, "There's a fly in my snack". 1.59 MB
Kodi told us how to take care of a pet bird. There is a lot to know! 2.02 MB
Colby taught us about the guitar and then even entertained us with his rendition of Jingle Bells. Cute! 1.75 MB
Ok, more than cute!!!! 1.57 MB
Michael was so impressed that he gave Colby a high five! 1.85 MB
Presley took us through the steps of making a snowman. She has written a book on the subject so she knows her stuff. 1.46 MB
2 st awards 051.JPG 1.43 MB
Tyler taught us about caterpillars. He knows how they move and other interesting facts. Did you know they have 12 eyes? 1.38 MB
Brenda plans to host her own cooking show starting with her recipe for graham cracker cookies made with strawberry frosting! 1.67 MB
Jordon mixed glue and shaving cream to make a puffy snowman paint. It feels so cool when it dries! 1.78 MB
Gavin, the artist, showed us his latest painting of a tiger in the grass. 1.43 MB
Luke Maag demonstrated how to make an edible necklace (or pet collar) out of fruits. Yum! 1.72 MB
If you need to know how to draw a cat face, ask Ella. She is good! 1.41 MB
Michael said, "If live gives you lemons... 1.7 MB
...make lemonaide! Not too sweet, not too sour, just right! 1.74 MB
Alexa shared her knowledge and interests about horses. 1.59 MB
Luke must be a teacher! He read us this whole book! He made a connection from the book to his own life, too. 1.55 MB
Ethan's dog was too shy to come to school, so we got to learn about his dog from Ethan's poster about his dog. 1.61 MB
We are all a lot smarter than we would have been if we had not been here for Show and Teach! 2.28 MB

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