Shine On, Lower Grades!

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The younger half of the Rees Elementary students also held an assembly to recognize extra shiny students. Students who have been making great progress through their efforts, who are kind and try their best were highlighted. These shining stars are listed below starting with Kindergarten from back row to front row in the order listed below: Afternoon Kindergarten: Landon Garrett, Grady Harmer, Angeleena Medsker, Sabrina Geroli, Jared Valdez, Kiera Wall, peyton Przybycien, Eryn McCorristin, and Shayne Wagstaff. Morning Kindergarten: Boone Coombs, Micah Hjorth, Boeden Seitzinger, Ammie Kelshaw, Mike Graham, and Joseph Aragundi. First Grade: Alexa Little, Emma Hamberlin, Grace Barlow, Saydie Youd, Valerie Graciano-Nunez, Isabelle Crossley, Ayden Bower, Jimena Gomez, Zachary Moulton, Jaelyn DeNovellis, Aiddin Wilson, and Matthew Hansen. Second Grade: Casey Johnson, Krista Wright, Tayven Cook, Abigail Grimes, Tyler Cloward, Benjamin Escamilla, Lauren Taylor, Drew Jamison, and Allison Soria. Third Grade: Olivia Dance, Savannah Carter, Benjamin Graham, Brody Duvall, London Leathers, Mila Waters, Kayden Gibson, Jessica Sanchez, Kelly Flores, Vincenzo Grasso, and Averie Overall (not shown). Keep Shining!