March 7th Show and Teach

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Kayleigh demonstrated proper teeth hygiene. 1.42 MB
Jason used his beautiful artwork to teach about his pet fish. 1.62 MB
Sylvia taught us why she likes cats. 1.56 MB
Andrew reminded us how to rhyme words. 1.81 MB
Hunter modeled excellent voice inflection as he read his book. 1.63 MB
Michael proved air can move things with his snow globe. 1.47 MB
Kourtney taught about an important group...her family. 1.53 MB
Chase shared his cinnamon toast making know-how. 1.63 MB
Kaiden informed us of the germ carrying characteristics of flies. 1.55 MB
Maylynn demonstrated how clouds and rain work and even taught 6th graders! 1.87 MB
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100.JPG 1.96 MB
Presley presented the proper way to make a honey sandwich. 1.52 MB
Brianna showed how to make a bead necklace. 1.7 MB
Korbin's method of packing for a sleepover was observed and appreciated. 2.14 MB
Sophia hosted a rhyming memory concentration game. 4.24 MB
Swazie taught the proper method for blowing bubbles. Everyone tried too. 1.48 MB
Aleks got everyone laughing with the hilarious book he read! 1.65 MB
Emma hypothesized that cats are the best pet. 1.57 MB
Presley shared her recipe for a chocolate sandwich. 1.38 MB
Colby invented a fun game and showed us how to play it. 1.8 MB
Ella amazed us with her knowledge of the names of groups of animals. 1.9 MB
The class pracaticed good audience behavior. 2.04 MB
125.JPG 2.15 MB
Kai, Luke Mason, Phenyx, and Harrison engineered Legos to make objects. 1.37 MB
127.JPG 1.72 MB
134.JPG 1.53 MB
133.JPG 1.42 MB
Gavin is a dot-to-dot expert! 1.45 MB
Alexa guided us through her own personal art show. 1.46 MB
Tyler Peralta taught us about karate fighting. 1.49 MB
PJ read us a chapter book! 1.66 MB
Brenda taught us a game she plays in church with her brother. 1.33 MB
Ethan shared a favorite page in his book. 1.45 MB
Tyler Minson showed us how to draw a cat out of shapes. 1.53 MB
Alleah did extensive research to prove or disprove the reality of unicorns. 1.59 MB

Wait until you see the latest lessons learned in Mrs. Tew's Class on Friday.  Tiny teachers were large and in charge that day!  Great job, teachers!

Tew's Tiny Teachers