Little Professors

Submitted by patty.tew on Mon, 12/10/2012 - 22:54

Mrs. Montgomery's Kindergartners have taken over the teaching in their classroom on Fridays.  The children spend the week being  read to, with, and by their parents from a book they take home from school.  They plan and execute a project to share with the class that has to do with what they read or some other subject of interest.  They give a step-by-step report to the class.  Pictured are examples of this valuable language experience enjoyed by the Kindergartners:

Olivia Keller taught about bugs.

Joseph Aragundi taught us the body parts of an insect.

Abby Carter taught us the proper care of cats.

Afton Griffith taught us the sound of the letter "w" and words that begin with that sound.

Sawyer Leifson taught us all about the American flag.

McKenna Warren taught us about math problems she has been doing.

Angeleena Medsker prepared a Power Point Presentation about her cat and how to take care of it.

Grady Harmer showed us some impressive break dancing moves!

Emma Wright explained how to make a snack using graham crackers and frosting.

Landon showed us a fun way to make a reindeer by tracing his shoe and hands.

Kaylen raught us some names that rhyme.

Josh Wright taught us facts about insects.

Mrs. Montgomery enjoyed the day off while the children taught the class.  I don't know why she goes home so tired on Fridays...probably because her head is overflowing with such valuable information!