Kindergarten's 100th Day of School

Submitted by patty.tew on Tue, 02/11/2014 - 08:09

The long awaited for event finally arrived! (We had waited 100 school days.  That's a long time to us!)  We celebrated in many ways!  We counted to 100 by 1's, 2's 5's, and 10's.  We did a magic trick turning 100 pennies into one dollar (they are worth the same amount, you know.)  We made the number 100 out of cookies and ate it, we wrote to 100, we drew what we would do with $100.  We drew what we would look like when we have our 100th birthday.  We made 100 day stew by everyone cooperating and bringing 100 edible items to add to the stew.  We read way over 100 books collectively.  We took 100 steps, had 100 seconds of silence (Mrs. Tew's favorite part of the day : ) )  We took 100 licks of a lollipop, counted 100 fingers, took 100 steps, and did 100 other fun things.  When all was said and done, several children were heard to say, "When does our party start?"  Evidently, according to popular Kindergarten belief, it is not a party if there is not cake and balloons.  Next year we will be looking for someone to blow up 100 balloons and make a 100 pound cake!

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