Jump for Heart Jump-Off Winners

Submitted by patty.tew on Tue, 05/06/2014 - 07:42

The students of Rees Elementary and their teachers were able to reach their goal of raising $6000 for The American Heart Association.  Infact, they exceeded that goal!  The culminating event was the Jump-off where students (and a select group of well-fit teachers) contended for the trophies.  Winners in each grade level are pictured.  Mr. Pitcher is also pictured as winner of the teachers division...again!

Winners for 6th grade were David Skelton, Bennett Gordon, and Mel Wilson.

Kindergarten:  Gavin Gull, Jordon Hamberlin, and Sara Thompson.

Fourth Grade:  Marc Soto, Hailey Stites, Brody Duvall

First Grade:  Brooklyn Anderson, Molly Goodrich, Jade Boynton.

Second Grade:  McKay Adams, Jaynee Tanner, Pieper Duvall, Zachary Moulton.

Fifth Grade:  Owne Blakey, Shaylee penrod, Jessica Lee

Third Grade:  Miranda Frederick, Tyler Cloward, Emery Gordon, Davis James.

The classes that raised the most money were third place, Mrs. Painter's Class.

2nd Place:  Mr. Ballard's Class

First Place:  Mrs. Bird's Class bringing in $532!

Way to go participants!  And you can see from the pictures that a good time was had by all through participating through cheering, singing, and even dancing along!