It Is All Greek To Me

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It’s All Greek to Me!

By Zach Hargraves

6th Grader

I have learned a lot at the new school, Rees, but my favorite was the Greeks Olympics.  The Olympics was our final celebration that we did on our unit about Ancient Greece. This included reading Percy Jackson, visiting with the Oracle of Delphi, and even reading articles about Greek philosophy and clothing.  

The first event that we did was the PTA’s Fun Run. But there are a lot more olympics that we did.

   The second event was the discus.  This greek olympic event was pretty cool sport. I am not sure what they played with exactly, but it was like a frisbee so we used some frisbees. Any way you weren’t able to throw it like a frisbee like we do now. It was hard. You had to throw it with a straight arm.

     The next event was the long jump and it is exactly  what is sounds like. You had to jump to see who could  jump the farthest. The hard part was you could not get a running head start.

   The fourth event was wrestling, but we only wrestled with our thumbs.   This was my favorite out of all out them. This was a really fun although it was kinda hard for some kids that were wrestling because they had shorter thumbs than others.

       The final event was the shot put.  The hard part was you could not throw it like you would throw a baseball. You had to throw it like you were pushing it. It was pretty fun. We all loved the Greek Olympics. We even got medals that the event planners made.

Photos: Tim Mendenhall, Article: Zach Hargraves