Goodbye and Thank You Mrs. Renz

Submitted by heidi.groneman on Thu, 05/21/2020 - 13:44
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Mrs. Renz is leaving Rees Elementary after 4 years.  She was an AMAZING art teacher.  She worked so well with the students and really taught them how to do art.  Rees students loved her class and really looked forward to the fun projects that she had planned for them.  Her coworkers have this to say about her,

"She is amazing! I will miss talking about how hard the 6th grade classes were.  I remember I would always run into her class and say were the 6th grade hard for you today, or was it just me, and then we would tell stories about them.  Seriously   Erin is so great at her job. I always loved the activities she did with the kids.  She was always doing these amazing art projects, and the kids would always tell me how much they loved being in art. The kids always told me that Art was their favorite speciality. Erin is the best! She truly made it fun for kindergarten to 6th grade."

"Erin is dedicated to the students, allowing them to express their creativity through fun and engaging activities she provided each week.  The students would often say to me, "art is one of my favorite Specialties."  The ornaments at Christmas time were a fun tradition and a big hit with the students and staff.  She was willing to put in the extra work to provide a positive art experience for each student."

"Erin had been a great friend and coworker. Easy to work with and fun, her sense of humor is the best. Willing to go the extra mile, she even went Christmas shopping for my family at Disneyworld! She's awesome and will be a great teacher. Springville Junior High is lucky to have her."

We wish her the best of the luck as she moves to Springville Jr. High School to teach.