Fuel Up and Play 60

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“Fuel up to play for 60” was the topic of the assembly on Tuesday afternoon.  

Fuel Up: Students were taught about the MY PLATE guidelines.  Three special visitors came to the assembly.  First, Trudy the Cow visited us to teach us about dairy and how milk gives us strong bones.  We even had a milk mustache competition!  Alex Smith, former UTE football player, from the Kansas City Chiefs, even stopped in (via Internet) to share some of his favorite breakfast foods. He also reminded us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  The last visitor we had was Kristi the dietitian.  She taught us about the categories of healthy foods and how many servings we should have each day.

Play for 60 (minutes):  Students were reminded to have fun and stay active!  There are so many activities we can participate in to stay healthy.  Students were selected to play a game of Charades-acting out a physical activity.  Trudy the Cow’s favorite way of exercising is dancing!  So, we held a dance-off!  It was students vs. teachers.  And of course, the students won.

Between the prizes, competitions and visitors, all had a great time.  Thanks to the Fuel Up to Play 60 program!