February's Upper Grade Stars

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More and more Stars keep showing up around Rees Elementary School. What kind of stars are these? Shining stars! Shining star students who shine at what they do. They are those who are kind, work hard, try their best and make noteworthy progress because of their efforts. Keep shining, Star Students!

These Stars have names. From 6th grade beginning from back row, left to right:

Shala Christiansen, Tell Barlow, Sadie Moulton, Tyra Grant, Adalberto Candia, Grace Jackson, Amy Minga, and Kadin Jenkins.

Fifth Grade: Aspen Child, Ammon Larsen, Shannon Vance, Silvia Nuila, Elena Flores, and Hunter Tillack.

Fourth Grade: Brenda Rabadan, Bryson Bliss, Christion Jones, Jackson Doddridge, Jaden Wickman, Cameron Clark, anad Alexis Lassen.

Multi-age: Evan Fullwider, Zach Wright, Makaya Kerns, Melissa Leon, Wyatt Justensen, Tate Tanner, Kade McEwan, Kayden Heath, Trae Stevens, Jefferson Ballard,and Denzlie Deuel.