Farm Field Days - 2nd Grade

Submitted by angie.keisel on Mon, 04/25/2016 - 14:05
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The second grade went to Harward Farms on April 1st.  Students learned different aspects of agriculture and how it provides for us each day of our lives.  It’s a perfect field trip for second graders because it ties directly into the second grade curriculum.   The first thing we learned about was where wool comes from and how it is used.  We even watched a sheep being sheared!  Some of the other things we learned about are:

  • What plants and animals need to be healthy
  • My Plate, which tells us what and how much we should be eating
  • The importance of washing hands
  • Tractor Safety
  • Zinc, Iron, and Protein (Z.I.P) is found in beef to help our brain, blood and muscles
  • Fruits that are locally grown here in Utah County
  • The uses of wool (sweaters, socks, carpet, etc.)

We love visiting Harward Farms and look forward to it every year!