December Reading Carnival

Submitted by angie.keisel on Wed, 12/16/2015 - 08:52
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Students participated in a reading carnival on Friday held in their behalf.  Depending on how often a student reads, reading tickets are earned to spend at the carnival.  There’s so many options for students to participate in and it’s something that all of us at the school look forward to.  Students love it because they’re celebrating their hard work by reading at home.  Teachers love it because we get to see students’ progress and confidence grow. 

Here’s just a small list of different activities, games, and prizes that are available to students: the famous game of PLINKO, rubber band balloon shooting gallery, Dance Dance Revolution, a photo booth, parties with Mr. Pitcher & Mrs. Horner, books to “buy”, coupons, raffles and so much more! 

Keep reading students so you can earn more tickets for the end of year carnival that will be happening in May!