Best Wishes to Mrs. Crandall

Submitted by heidi.groneman on Thu, 05/21/2020 - 14:14
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Mrs. Crandall has decided to retire after working 26 years for Nebo School District.  She is an absolutely FANTASTIC teacher, coworker, and leader.  Anytime anyone needs anything, she is there to help, guide, or simply to listen.  Mrs. Crandall has put her whole heart and soul into trying to make a difference in the lives of her students and what a difference she has made here at Rees!

Her friends and coworkers have to say this about her,

"Tammy is one of the most selfless people I know. Even before I became a teacher, she was always willing to help me and answer my questions. Tammy works incredibly hard, always trying to find better ways to teach her students. She doesn't just teach to the whole class, she thinks and worries about each student. She tries to reach every student where they are and help them reach their potential. Tammy is kind, funny, and athletic. She has a tremendous influence on her students. She taught one of my daughters, who is now in 10th grade, and she still talks about Mrs. Crandall being one of the best teachers she has ever had. She believes in students until they believe in themselves."

"Tammy and I started teaching at the same time.  The school we first taught in was the old Payson Middle School, which was a two-story building.  She and I would spend HOURS decorating a wall in the school for each holiday, just because it was there.  These hours would often turn into LATE hours and we were really good at scaring ourselves.  The teachers at that school were pranksters.  One time, she left her keys in the faculty room and the custodian made a copy of it.  He then proceeded to move her car one space over everyday, just to watch her scratch her head about where she parked.  Years later, during the highly anticipated teachers versus the students kickball game, she played even though she was extremely pregnant.  Everyone thought she'd take it easy, but not her.  She was out to win--no matter what!  When Tammy came to Rees to teach, I was so glad to be back at the same school as her.  She is such a dedicated teacher and friend.  She will do anything she can to help someone else succeed!  She will be missed!  Good luck, Tammy."

She will be missed so much at Rees, but we wish her all the best as she moves forward in her life.  We hope she enjoys lots of fun activities and many adventures with her family and friends in the upcoming years.  THANK YOU Mrs. Crandall!