Best Wishes and Thank you Mrs. Powell

Submitted by heidi.groneman on Fri, 05/22/2020 - 09:33
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Mrs. Powell has worked at Rees this past year as the Speech/Language Pathologist.  She had done an amazing job with the students she has worked with! We are so sad to lose her, but know that she has great opportunities ahead of her.  Here is what her coworkers have to say about her:

"Colby was always so good to fill in the Written Prior Notice section for me during our IEP meetings and I always appreciated her help with any questions that I might have.  She was fast and eloquent."  

"Colby is extremely responsible and on top of things.  Not only that, she’s always working ahead as well.  She always goes the extra mile and does more than the bare minimum. I hope to develop a work ethic as great as hers. I know she has come in early many many days to do paper work and stayed late many days for IEPs and such. She is very organized and really helped speech at Rees run smoothly this year. She also has done everything she can think of to be as helpful as possible to the new speech therapists coming next school year, because she is just that kind of thoughtful person. She is easy going and so fun to work with. She is going to be a wonderful mom  And I know she will be successful wherever she goes. I will miss her dearly!!! "

She has many great adventures ahead of her and we want to wish her the best!