December Students of the Month

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December was a busy month, but not too busy to recognize several students from each class who are putting exemplary effort into their work. Pictured in this article are the following students:

Afternoon Kindergarten:  Nadia Davis, Muriel Markham, Anna Blair, Rebecca Greer, Molly Goodrich, Caden Ashton, Autumn Weber, and Joanna Robles.

First Grade: Aspen Dewitt, Cassidie Golding, Luke Swenson, Jaron Burton, Sadie Jenkins, Nolan Staheli, Wyatt christensen, Carolina Rocha, Riley Tangren, Chad Belshaw, Braxton Fowler, Easton Lee, Riley Sanchez, and Kaylynn Kelly.

Little Professors

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Mrs. Montgomery's Kindergartners have taken over the teaching in their classroom on Fridays.  The children spend the week being  read to, with, and by their parents from a book they take home from school.  They plan and execute a project to share with the class that has to do with what they read or some other subject of interest.  They give a step-by-step report to the class.  Pictured are examples of this valuable language experience enjoyed by the Kindergartners:

Olivia Keller taught about bugs.

Joseph Aragundi taught us the body parts of an insect.

Rees Students Recognized

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 Several students at Rees Elementary were recognized and celebrated for their hard work and positive example they demonstrated to other students.  An assembly was held to congratulate them on their great choices.    Picture #1Back...Mason Hamberlin, Jackson Doddridge, Karla Pimentel, Jayce Bissegger, Kyler Moulton, Abigail FordhamFront...
Mr. Ryan Pitcher

Kindergarten Manners Feast

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Mrs. Montgomery's morning and afternoon classes enjoyed learning about manners and then putting their new knowledge to practice. The children dressed up in their nice clothes, looking like perfect little ladies and gentlemen.   Mrs.